How to reuse kitchen scraps

Reusing kitchen waste saves us money, as well as reducing food waste and helping to protect the environment. There are various creative and practical solutions we can adopt in the kitchen to reuse waste. 

For example, vegetable scraps such as the green leaves of carrots, celery and fennel can be used to prepare soups, broths and sauces. In addition, citrus peel can become an excellent base for preparing sauces, perfumes and liqueurs. Coffee grounds can also be reused in the kitchen, being an effective exfoliating agent for the skin or as a fertiliser for plants. 

Finally, we can use old bread to prepare meatballs, gratins and baked croutons. Taking care of kitchen waste helps us save money, and also gives new life to food and protects the environment.

Fennel waste
Many recipes can be created with fennel waste. The beard of the fennel for example can be used as a sauce for pasta, just add fresh sardines, pine nuts and sultanas. With the thickest part, excellent infusions can be prepared.
The leaves of celery
Celery leaves, which are often discarded, are a great ingredient to prepare a delicious pesto. Simply blend the leaves with Parmesan cheese, some almonds and oil. This pesto is perfect for fresh pasta salads.
Potato peel.
Clean the peel very well and do not throw it away. Season it with oil and salt and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200°. They are an excellent chip to accompany an aperitif.
Di Claudia Castaldi - Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano, CC BY-SA 4.0,
The rind of the grana or parmesan cheese
If you used to throw away the cheese rind, with this tip you will no longer do so. Cut the rind into small pieces and put it in the microwave for a few minutes (3/4 minutes depending on the power). The result will be surprising, small pieces of puffed crust. Try it to believe.
Citrus peel
Citrus peel can be used in a variety of ways: if boiled, it can be an excellent room perfumer. Or it can be candied, sugar-coated and stored in an airtight jar.
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