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Cooking safely: how to avoid the most common risks

The kitchen is a place where various hazards lurk that can jeopardise our safety.

From food poisoning and accidental injuries to fires and burns, the kitchen can be a potentially dangerous environment if proper precautions are not taken.

This photo gallery will explore the most common risks in the kitchen and provide practical advice on how to avoid them. Knowing these dangers and taking preventive measures can help us enjoy the culinary arts safely and without worry.

Fire is one of the biggest dangers in the kitchen, due to unattended cooking, malfunctioning electrical appliances, or mistakes. Precautions to be taken: monitor food while cooking; set a timer; cover the pan with a lid if cooking with high-temperature oil; remove any possible flammable objects or materials in the vicinity of the oven and electrical appliances.
Slip and fall
Slippery or uneven floors can cause slips and falls, with many possible unpleasant consequences. Precautions to be taken: remove any spillages of liquids; do not leave uncovered wires on the floor; avoid carrying heavy objects on a ladder; use stable stools and avoid standing on kitchen furniture.
Improper storage of equipment is a real hazard that can cause injury; objects can fall, injure, trip. Precautions to be taken: do not store heavy objects above waist level; store allergic items in one place; store bladed equipment in one place, in an orderly manner.
Another danger in the kitchen is that of getting burnt or scalded from contact with hot pans, food and liquids. Precautions to take: supervise children if present; use non-slip footwear when cooking; avoid carrying containers with hot liquids if possible; keep cooking equipment pressurised; use ventilated containers when using microwave ovens.
Poisoning, intoxication
Food-borne illnesses are very common, and in many situations a lack of care and prevention is to blame. Precautions to take: clean hands, fruit and vegetables; disinfect utensils; cook food properly (use thermometer).
Electrical problems
A major danger in the kitchen is electrical devices, which are present in large quantities and can cause fires or electric shocks. Precautions to take: constantly monitor the condition of equipment; do not leave wires uncovered; make sure your hands are dry when plugging in sockets, handling wires or operating electrical appliances.
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