Prosciutto crudo, Italy vs. Spain

When one speaks of prosciutto crudo, especially in Italy, one immediately thinks of Parma or San Daniele. 

However, there are many variations around the world, each with different organoleptic characteristics. One of the many characteristics that all prosciutto have in common is their taste and the many ways in which they can be served: thinly sliced, knife-cut, enjoyed alone or with a crispy sandwich, or in summer accompanied by a fresh melon.

In this gallery we look at the main characteristics of the most popular products in Italy and Spain.

Prosciutto Crudo, Italy vs Spain
Let's look together at the most common Italian and Spanish prosciutto
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is a sweet-tasting ham and is produced mainly in Langhirano, contains no additives and has a low salt content.
Jamon Serrano
For the production of the Jamon Serrano purebred pigs are used Duroc, a white pig with which the Iberian is crossed. These breeds are among the most prized, it has a beautiful pink color with variations of red and has a sweet and delicate taste. It turns out to be low in fat.
Many ways to serve prosciutto
With breadsticks for a pleasant appetizer.
Prosciutto and melon
Typical summer dish with a fresh, ripe melon, a delight to the taste and the eye.
This is the most classic use of prosciutto. If purchased packaged, we recommend opening the bag a few minutes before consumption.
Knife cut
The best way to enjoy every prosciutto, in Europe and around the world.
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