False diet friends: five foods that don't make you slim

Are you on a diet and looking for foods to avoid? Then you are in the right place.

Often when trying to lose weight, we focus only on what we eat and try to avoid foods that are considered "forbidden."

However, there are some foods that seem harmless but can actually sabotage efforts to lose weight. In this photogallery, we will explore five foods that may be false diet friends and are best limited or avoided to achieve your weight loss goals. Welcome to the photogallery "False diet friends: five foods that don't make you slim."

Fruit juices
Juices found in the supermarket contain a lot of sugar, and often very little fruit. The advice is to make your own juice at home, without adding sugar: in such cases, yes they are healthy!
Cereals and bars (snacks)
Cereals are high in sugars, low-quality fats and preservatives, making them fattening. Limit cereal consumption, eat fruits and honey.
When soy is not organic, it can often contain GMOs and estrogen, which cause hormone imbalances that cause weight gain. Soy yogurt is also not recommended because it is high in added sugars.
Candied and dehydrated fruit
Dehydrated and candied fruits contain much more sugar than regular fruits. Better to prefer fresh and dried fruits.
One smoothie has the same glycemic load as four or five servings of fruit. Again, better to consume fresh fruit.
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