Poke, from local Hawaiian cuisine to international dish

We often hear a lot about poke and in recent times in many cities, restaurants have opened that devote themselves exclusively to this dish. 

Originally a Hawaiian dish with fresh tuna, salmon or octopus and vegetables as main ingredients, it has become internationalised with other ingredients.

Perfect for lunch or dinner with friends, poke (literally: chopped) is made with different ingredients, to your taste, that combined together create new flavours. Have you ever tried mango with tuna and crispy onion? Or chicken with wakame seaweed and almonds?

In this gallery we see how to prepare a poke, starting with the basics.

Poke with salmon, mango, avocado and seaweed wakame
Let's see together how to prepare it
White rice
You can use different types of rice as a base, the white rice also used in the preparation of sushi is the most classic
The raw salmon
To create the most classic of poke, use raw salmon that has been previously slaughtered. You can lay it in slices or cubes.
Dice some fresh cucumbers and place them next to the salmon.
Take a ripe mango and cut it again into cubes; the mango will also need to be laid next to the cucumber, so as to create a contrast of colors.
Thinly slice the avocado and place it next to the salmon.
Alga wakame
The seaweed wakame will be laid in the center of your poke.
Soy sauce
Before serving your poke, drizzle it with soy sauce. Enjoy!
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