The five secrets to a perfect barbecue

Grilling season is finally here, and all of us meat lovers can't wait to fire up the barbecue and start preparing delicious meals for our friends and family.

However, grilling is not just a matter of lighting the fire and putting the meat on the coals: there are secrets that can make the difference between a mediocre barbecue and a perfect one. In this photo gallery, we'll reveal five essential secrets to successful grilling: from choosing the barbecue to how to cook different cuts of meat, from marinating and cooking techniques to the importance of salt.

You will discover the tricks to get the most flavor from your grilling and impress your diners with flawless dishes. Ready to become a true barbecue master?

Wood or charcoal barbecue
If your barbecue is wood or charcoal, pay attention that there is no flame before you put the meat on to cook. In addition, it is important to have the right kind of wood or charcoal on hand to avoid excessive smoke and bad smells during cooking.
Gas grill
To avoid burning the meat or cooking it badly, it is important that the grill is well heated before you start cooking. So, if you use a gas grill, remember to let it warm up well before you put the meat on it to cook. This way, you will get even cooking and the meat will be succulent and perfectly cooked. Using a proper spatula and tongs while cooking will also help preserve the tenderness and goodness of your grilled meat.
Choose quality
Choosing quality meat means taking care of your health and of the environment. A choice that involves small sacrifices: less meat and more attention to spending. The goodness of quality meat, however, repays every choice: the taste is surprising and satisfaction guaranteed.
The importance of marinating
Choose the marinade well. You can decide on sweeter flavors, with added fruit, or spicier. Let the meat marinate for as long as necessary and then throw away the marinade. Do not use it to add on top of the meat while it is cooking.
When to add salt
Adding salt before cooking tends to dry out the meat, preventing it from becoming tender. If, on the other hand, you add it only late in the cooking process, you will get soft and flavorful meat.
Different meats
If you grill different meats try not to cook them together. If you really cannot do otherwise use parts of the grill always for the same animal.
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