Chili con carne

Chili con carne is a perfect second course to share with friends.

It is a very common dish of Mexico and the United States. It consists of a stew with meat cooked for hours with black beans.

For those who love strong flavors you can add a pinch of chilli. Let's see together how to prepare one of the many recipes of chili con carne.

Chili con carne
Connoisseurs of chili debate intensely whether the name of the dish includes meat or not and whether beans and tomatoes are part of the traditional recipe.
High edge pot
Take a pot from the top edge.
Melt butter, without burning it.
Add minced meat
Sauté the minced meat and let it flavor. Add salt.
Black beans
Add the previously cooked black beans.
Use a little paprika
Season with a little paprika. You can choose whether sweet or spicy, according to your tastes.
Fresh chilli
If you like strong flavors, cook a fresh chili pepper with the chili.
Halfway through cooking, to prevent it from falling apart, add the corn.
The tortillas 
After cooking for at least 3 hours over low heat, you can serve the chili. But how do you eat? You can serve it with the classic tortillas or accompanied with white rice.
I wrap, a sort of rolled piadina that is prepared with a soft tortilla at the base
Or with the wrap adding stringy cheese and guacamole. Enjoy your meal
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