Nutrition and adolescence: 8 indications for a balanced diet

Nutrition and adolescence: eight indications for a balanced diet.

Adolescence is a fundamental period for the growth of a person and as such must be managed in the best way.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in growth: when to eat, what to eat, how often to eat.

These are all legitimate questions to which a boy does not always have the correct answers. Family members should help their son or daughter through clear indications that help them to eat in the best way. In this photo gallery we give a series of tips that we hope will be useful for this purpose.

Browse the photo gallery to discover the eight indications for proper nutrition during adolescence.

Eating out
When eating away from home it is good to try to choose the healthiest foods among those available. Always prefer fruit.
Moderate portions and eat more often
The ideal are five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-morning snack and mid-afternoon snack.
Vary your diet a lot
This is very important to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs. It is essential to always eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, always different.
Eat slowly
It helps digestion and speeds up the sense of satiety.
Dinner should be light: prefer lean meat, legumes, vegetables, whole grains.
Always better to avoid packaged food, which has many calories and few nutrients and is often rich in saturated fats and preservatives. The best choice is always to bring food from home, such as fruit and yogurt.
Never skip breakfast. During breakfast it is important to take complex carbohydrates and fresh fruit, to have immediate and long-term energy.
Family meal
In a family it is good that we eat at the table all together whenever possible. Avoid that the boy eats alone at different times of the day.
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