Five White Foods That Can Be Dangerous

Over the years, specific studies have identified certain commonly used foods that are potentially dangerous to our bodies if consumed in excessive doses.

These are substances that we can find in all the products we consume daily, from breakfast to pre-packaged snacks. These foods are easy to replace with other foods that are healthier and less dangerous to our health, at least in alternation.

Let's see together in this gallery what these foods, which have the colour white, are.

5 white foods that can be dangerous 
Let's see together 5 foods that can be dangerous for our body.
Consumed in excessive doses, it can cause cardiovascular disease. We find it in large quantities in pre-packaged foods, so be careful.
Cow's milk
Cow's milk can be the cause of physiological reactions such as intolerances and allergies. It is recommended to consume vegetable substitutes such as rice milk.
White flour can be found in practically any food we consume, starting with pasta. Unfortunately, however, white flour, if consumed in high doses, can fatigue our organism. Opt for flours such as spelt flour.
In addition to causing tooth decay, sugar can also cause mental fatigue and fatigue. In severe cases, it can be the cause of diabetes.
White rice
White rice, so seemingly harmless, can cause blood glucose to rise if consumed in high doses. Alternate consumption and prefer brown rice.
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