Five quick ideas for dinner

Preparing a quick dinner for your family or guests may seem like a demanding task, but in the simplicity of some recipes we find the best solutions.

Little time to prepare, little desire to start cooking due to the heat of summer, but we don't want to give up taste and make a good impression with our guests.

In this gallery we offer some quick 'dinner saver' recipes with easy-to-find ingredients that will help you on summer evenings, five simple and appetising ideas.

Burrata and cherry tomatoes
A burrata accompanied by cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces and seasoned with oil, salt and fresh basil. A light but impressive dinner.
Avocado toast
Avocado toast is a quick dish to prepare. It can be enriched with an egg, smoked salmon or grilled vegetables. It is a perfect solution for those who do not have time or desire to cook but do not want to give up taste.
Poké is a fresh dish that can also be prepared at the last minute (but the rice must be cooked first and left to cool). Many variations can be prepared according to one's taste. Salmon, tuna, prawns, mixed vegetables, chickpeas and much more. Space for imagination.
Prosciutto and melon
Prosciutto and melon is a dish that can never be missed in summer. A perfect, quick and light dinner. Which never disappoints. Alternatively, we can use white melon or pineapple.
Chicken salad
Chicken salad can be prepared in many ways. If you have leftover roast chicken, you can use the meat to make an excellent salad. Or, you can try cooking the chicken breast at a low temperature to maintain the tenderness of the meat. Then finish cooking it in a pan. Dress it with an emulsion of mustard, oil and salt. Simple but tasty.
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