7 ingenious tricks in the kitchen

Today we give you seven little tips or tricks that you can use in the kitchen. If you love cooking and baking these tricks could be very useful. Knowing the ingredients, the best tools and utensils, and the most appropriate preparation techniques is essential to achieve good results when cooking. On some occasions you can apply very simple but effective tricks that can make your life easier and get you a better result. In this photo gallery we will show you some of the tricks we use most in the kitchen that we believe will make a difference for you, to solve problems or speed up operations. Try it to believe!

To store garlic and onion for a long time, a trick can be used. Store garlic and onion inside paper bags and apply small holes. This technique can also be used with other products, so as to preserve freshness and flavor of the foods we are going to protect.
How to prevent water from leaking out of the pot when cooking? Our advice is to put a wooden spoon resting between the lid and the pot. The material that the spoon is made of, namely wood, is water-repellent, which means that the bubbles created by the high temperature of the water will shrink on contact with the wood.
How to store celery stalks? Wrap plenty of aluminum foil around the celery stalks. This allows the roots to preserve themselves and keeps all the celery from turning yellow. Finally, store in the refrigerator, where the celery will keep for several weeks.
How to sweeten a soup that is too tasty? If we have overdone the salt, the remedy is very simple: just take a potato, peel it, and put it in the pot for about 20 minutes. The potato will absorb all the excess salt.
How to keep bananas fresh and prevent these fruits from rotting? Use a small piece of foil and wrap the end of the bananas. This trick extends the life of the bananas by about 3-4 days.
How to reuse coffee grounds? It can be used as a fertilizer for plants that require acidic soil, as this food is rich in essential nutrients. Another possible use of the coffee grounds is for making an exfoliating cream.
How to store herbs for a long time in cooking? Chop the herbs when fresh and pour them into the ice mold adding a drizzle of oil. Store in the freezer. Thanks to this tip you will be able to use as needed.
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