5  ideal second courses for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and like every year millions of people from all over the world will all sit together to celebrate.

Usually for the Christmas dinner we give great importance to appetizers and first courses, neglecting the second courses based on meat, fish or vegetarian.

In this gallery you will find some ideas for the preparation of second courses, both meat and fish and why not, even vegetables.

Let's see together the 5 ideal recipes for Christmas lunches or dinners.

5 ideal second courses for Christmas
Let's see together 5 ideal seconds courses to prepare for Christmas, meat, fish and vegetarian.
The meatloaf
The meatloaf is a second very common in all tables. It can be prepared in different ways, classic or filling. This second, if prepared the day before, will be even tastier. Serve with baked potatoes or mashed potatoes.
Baked chicken with plums and figs
Even the most classic recipe can be customized. Prepare the chicken by putting butter between the skin and the meat, in this way it will be very soft and succulent. For the filling, use prunes and figs, add them to a mixture of herbs, breadcrumbs and eggs. Insert the filling into the chicken and bake in the oven. It will be a real surprise.
Baked salmon
Baked salmon is a delicate variant for those who choose fish instead of meat. Serve with baked asparagus. It will be light and easily digestible.
Fish skewers
If you want to dare and amaze your guests, prepare the fish skewers. You can use fresh anchovies and breadcrumbs, swordfish with olives and capers, sea bass with pistachios. Why not do them all together?
Vegetable curry
Vegetable curry is a perfect vegetarian alternative. Use chickpeas and a mix of chopped vegetables, coconut milk and a good curry possibly sweet. Cook for at least 40 minutes and serve hot.
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