Sushi, good and healthy: 6 reasons why you should eat it

Sushi, good and healthy: 6 reasons why you should eat it.

How good is sushi? Let's face it, regardless of whether it's healthy or not, most people go crazy about this food. The good news is that also healthy! Yes, sushi is, for various reasons, much healthier than many other foods that we eat daily and of which we do not suspect anything.

Did you know that sushi is, from a certain point of view, a better source of protein than meat? Would you believe that eating sushi is better than eating pasta? Sushi is good for the brain, did you know that? Browse the photo gallery to discover these and other benefits of sushi.

Low calorie intake
Yes, you can eat at will! Compared to pasta, a sushi dish has fewer calories.
Rich in Omega 3
Sushi is rich in Omega 3, fatty acids that give great benefits to the brain and cardiovascular system.
Source of quality protein
Eating sushi is safer. This is because, unlike for example meat, the intake of these proteins is not correlated with the increased chances of cancer development.
Essential minerals
Nori seaweed is rich in iodine, which promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid and avoids hormonal imbalances. But it does not end here, because nori seaweed also contains good sources of magnesium, iron and calcium.
Natural antiseptic
Some of the condiments with which sushi is served, such as ginger and rice vinegar, are real natural antiseptics, and therefore, this makes it an excellent ally of the immune system.
Gluten free
In its original recipe, sushi is a gluten-free food. Pay attention to soy sauce, which is not gluten free. In its place, better tamari sauce.
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