The 5 perfect risottos for fall

Risotto is a versatile first course that is perfect all year round depending on what we have available in different seasons.

Risotto is one of the dishes we most love to eat during the cold season. In the fall then, you can indulge yourself with tasty recipes that are always different, thanks to really good and flavorful seasonal ingredients.

If you have learned all the rules for whipping risotto and the mistakes to avoid when preparing it, now is the time to get to the stove and experiment with original recipes for a mouth-watering fall risotto.

You can serve risotto at a Sunday lunch, a dinner with friends or with your sweetheart and then put it in the schiscetta that you will take to the office the next day for your lunch break.

Mushroom risotto
Autumn means mushrooms, you can do it with porcini or champignons
Risotto with pumpkin
Risotto with pumpkin is the perfect dish for autumn, you can add sausage or cheeses
Saffron risotto
Saffron risotto is the perfect year-round dish
Truffle Risotto
For finer palates, there is also truffle risotto
Tomato Risotto
Very simple risotto, you can also add burrata cheese to it
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