Kitchen: 5 tips for using scraps smartly

Those who love cooking always have many ideas in mind for making delicious dishes.

Those who love cooking try to enhance all the foods they have on hand, bringing out the flavor of the ingredients they choose to use.

Most people focus their attention on the tastiest and most delicious parts of foods, knowing that they will add an extra touch to their recipe.

What many people often leave out, due to lack of knowledge above all, are those parts of foods that are generally referred to as "scraps."

But in the kitchen you know, nothing is thrown away. Today we explain how to use the "scraps" of some foods in a clever way.

Potato peels
Potato peels are very tasty-they can be used in soups and stews. Another idea, definitely tastier, is to fry the peels or bake them in the oven to make delicious chips.
Asparagus stalks
Asparagus stalks can be used to flavor risotto stock. Another idea is to cook them in a pan and then blend them to use as a dressing for a very tasty first course.
Citrus peels
The peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, can be used to make alcoholic infusions or to flavor desserts. Another idea is to use the peels to create candied fruit.
Outer leaves and stems of artichokes
Outer leaves and stems of artichokes can be boiled and pan-cooked to create a puree, which can be used in meatball and hamburger batters. Don't forget to remove the thorns, however!
Fish scraps
Fish bones, heads, carapaces, and skin are considered "scraps." These parts are actually perfect for making very tasty fish stews (or bisque).
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