Avocados, recipes and tips

The avocado is a fruit of the Persea gratissima plant, native to Mexico and is pear-shaped.

The skin is thick and bright green or dark green in color. The flesh is yellow-green depending also on the type of fruit and 100gr of avocado provides about 230kcal. It is used very often in cooking especially in vegetarian recipes.

Let's see together in this gallery some ideas and some storage tips.

Avocado recipes and tips
Let's look together at some tips and recipes using avocados.
Avocado, egg and smoked salmon
Perfect as an appetizer. Eggs should be cooked separately and allowed to cool. Serve them in the previously washed avocado peel.
Avocado is often used in Hawaiian poké. Rice as a base, you can add as many ingredients as you like.
How to store avocados
If you use only half, remember to put the part with the seed in a container. It will keep longer. To keep it from turning black, however, sprinkle a few drops of lemon.
Avocado and egg in the oven
Simple and impressive, just cook an egg inside the 'avocado and serve it with croutons.
The ultimate salsa. Use ripe avocados, lime, onion and a few pieces of cherry tomato. A pinch of salt and pepper and it's ready.
Avocado toast
For breakfast, lunch or dinner, avocado toast is a complete and very tasty dish. You can serve it with poached eggs or smoked salmon.
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