8 foods that may disappear in the future due to climate change

Today we talk to you about food, and in particular about the eight foods that may no longer be available on our dining table in the future.

Climate change is also affecting our diet, but consumers are not always aware of this.

According to some studies, some foods are hypothesized to disappear. According to this hypothesis, many foods that are widely consumed today may no longer be available in supermarkets.

Among these scientists have hypothesized: chocolate, coffee, avocados, and honey.

All these products are strongly affected by the climate situation.

Let's find out in this photogallery which foods are being discussed and for what reason.

Chocolate: according to a study published in 2018 by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, global warming will mean that already by 2030, production will not be able to cover the current amount of consumption.
Coffee: production of this food is challenged by rising temperatures in producing countries (Colombia, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia) and a change in the frequency and amount of rainfall.
Avocado: involves a very large water consumption that may not be sustainable in the future.
Honey: honey production is being seriously challenged by the disappearance of bees from the countryside. In addition to this problem, climate change must be taken into account: droughts and floods above all.
Grapes and wine: here the risk comes from rising temperatures. This could result in a huge reduction in wineries and the consequent shift of production to areas where the temperature is ideal.
Bananas: the situation for bananas is very similar to that for grapes. The risk comes from rising temperatures.
Cereals: in addition to rising temperatures, this food is also threatened by frequent flooding caused by rising sea levels.
Peanuts and Peanut Butter: As with other foods on this list, peanuts are threatened by the difficult sourcing of a key resource, water. Droughts and floods severely affect production.
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