Christmas means lentils: here are the benefits of this traditional food

Thanks to the important contribution of fiber, lentils are a valid aid to increase the sense of satiety and facilitate intestinal transit.

Moreover, thanks to the high amount of minerals of which they are composed, lentils are a suitable food in case of fatigue, malnutrition and anemia. And that's not all: lentils are among the legumes with the most effective antioxidant action. According to popular tradition, lentils are considered the symbol of luck and wealth.

But, more importantly, lentils are linked to important properties that can also bring significant benefits to our body. Browse the photo gallery to discover the benefits.

Christmas means lentils: they are considered the symbol of luck and wealth
Browse the photo gallery to discover all the characteristic benefits of this food.
Lentils do not gain weight
Lentils, especially red ones, contain a little amount of fat, while they are rich in fiber and vegetable protein. For this reason they are an ideal food for those who are attentive to nutrition or are trying to lose weight.
Lentils are gluten-free
Lentils do not contain gluten, which is why they are suitable for people with celiac disease. In addition, lentils are rich in fiber and Omega 3, substances that help lower cholesterol.
Lentils, a food for those suffering from diabetes and anemia
Lentils are rich in iron, which helps increase the production of red blood cells. They also help stabilize sugar levels.
Lentils are highly digestible and counteract hypertension
Lentils cannot cause abdominal bloating because they do not ferment inside the intestine. They also help keep blood pressure under control.
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