Ideas for a pleasant picnic

Spring is finally here, the days are getting longer and there is always a desire to spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Especially on weekends when you have a little more free time, perhaps in pleasant company, you can arrange for a picnic in the park.

Remember to bring a ball and frisbee, a blanket to lean on, sunglasses and of course good food. Let's see together in this gallery what you can bring in your basket for a pleasant picnic with friends.

Ideas for a pleasant picnic
A timeless dish is rice salad. It can be made with as many ingredients as you like. The most classic with chopped and diced vegetables, ham and eggs.
Pasta salad
Choose short pasta, dress it with fresh mozzarella tomatoes and basil.
Omelette rolls
The omelet agrees with everyone, young and old. Ham and cheese, salmon and arugula or grilled vegetables.
Sandwiches are great both as a snack between Frisbee tosses and a game of soccer. The most classic? The pepperoni sandwich.
Pizza is also perfect for picnics, especially for children. Always take a few slices with you; it will run out quickly.
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