New Year's Eve 2022: lucky foods in the traditions of the world

New Year's Eve 2022: lucky foods in the traditions of the world.

Lentils or cotechino, but also noodles and green vegetables: every tradition has its lucky foods to put on the table on New Year's Eve to bring money and good luck.

All over the world on New Year's Eve foods are brought to the table that, in addition to being exquisite, belong to tradition and are eaten as a sign of good luck.

For this reason, if your desire is to spend the coming year in the sign of luck, abundance or fertility, you should mark the foods contained in this list.

In this photo gallery we have collected foods that are traditionally consumed all over the world on New Year's Eve.

Fish on New Year's Eve
Eating fish is considered auspicious in many countries. According to some traditions, fish bring good luck because they always swim in one direction, that is, forward. According to other traditions, fish is a symbol of abundance: this belief derives from the fact that fish swim in schools.
Lentils, Italian tradition
Lentils belong to the Italian tradition but are a food spread all over the world. The round and flat shape of lentils resembles coins: for this reason they are referred to as food brings good luck, in particular referring to wealth. The saying is "lentils bring money". If in doubt, eat at will!
Black beans lucky charms
Eating beans at Christmas has more or less the same meaning as eating lentils, that is, they are considered bearers of wealth and abundance. The favorite variety is that of black beans, which are consumed mainly in the southern part of the United States.
Rice, symbol of abundance
On New Year's Eve the hope is always the same: a new year full of abundance and fertility. For this reason, in many countries of the world rice is eaten (or put on the table as decoration) precisely because it is considered a symbol of abundance.
Chili pepper, a superstition against bad luck
In this case we are talking about a food that instead of favoring something, is eaten to disadvantage something. Let's talk about chili: food par excellence of superstition, they are eaten on New Year's Eve to drive away bad luck.
Green vegetables, the color of dollars
In this case we are talking about a group of foods, united by a characteristic: the color green. Green is in fact the color of luck and dollars, so eating these vegetables on New Year's Eve means the desire to accumulate wealth.
Pomegranate symbol of abundance
In many Mediterranean countries and particularly in Turkey, pomegranate is associated with abundance and fertility. It is consumed on New Year's Eve as a sign of good luck.
Pork, associated with earnings
I'm sure that if you think of an animal that is used to shape the piggy bank, you will immediately think of the piggy. Pork is eaten on New Year's Eve as a symbol of good luck, but why? The pig when it goes in search of food extends its nose forward: this gesture symbolizes progress and is therefore associated with gains and satiety.
Cabbage is a symbol of luck in some countries
Cabbage is a symbol of luck in many countries around the world, such as Germany, Ireland and part of the United States. The reason? Also in this case the color green comes into play, associated with luck.
Noodles auspicious food in Asian countries
What about Asia? In many Asian countries noodles are eaten on New Year's Day as a good omen to extend life.
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