Laurel: aromatic plant with extraordinary beneficial properties

Laurel: aromatic plant with extraordinary beneficial properties.

Laurel, or laurel, is an aromatic and medicinal plant belonging to the Lauraceae family, widespread in the Mediterranean basin.

It comes in the form of a shrub of various sizes but is a real tree up to 10 meters high, with thin and hairless branches that form a dense pyramidal crown. The wood of the plant is aromatic and gives off the typical scent of the leaves. The stem is erect, the bark blackish green. The leaves, ovate, are dark green, leathery, glossy on the upper page and opaque on the lower one, they are also very fragrant. Browse the photo gallery to discover the benefits of this plant.

Repellent properties
The lauric acid contained in laurel drives away insects and pests.
Expectorant property
From the laurel plant you can get the oil, which helps relieve cough by thinning and eliminating bronchial phlegm.
Aperitif properties
This plant facilitates digestion and helps stimulate appetite, preparing the gastrointestinal system to welcome food.
Digestive and carminative properties
It promotes digestion, relieves renal colic and abdominal swelling and helps the expulsion of intestinal gas.
Diaphoretic properties
Do you have a fever? The laurel favors the lowering of body temperature stimulates sweating.
Anti-inflammatory and astringent properties
Rheumatism and arthritis? Try massages with laurel oil: it can be useful to relieve symptoms and facilitate the healing of traumas of various kinds.
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