5 of the spiciest dishes in the world

Almost all of these specialties come from Asia or South America. In these regions, especially in poorer countries, spicy has a dual essential function: that of giving a rapid feeling of satiety and that of a natural antibiotic against bacteria and viruses.

We live a kind of spicy fashion, a strange tendency that pushes us to consume fiery food as if it were an endurance race.

The one that has the palate more than asbestos, wins. Certainly, this thing that a bite explodes in our mouth makes this practice a challenge and a gastronomic adventure to establish a ranking of the most universally fiery recipes.

Chili pepper, Tabasco, chili jalapeño, pepper, cayenna. These are the chimes of the Scoville scale, the measure of spiciness based on the amount of capsaicin present. A matter of culinary flushes.

1) HUO GUO (China)
Huo Guo is a dish served hot made with tofu, fish, beef and vegetables, soaked in spicy oil from Sichua.
It is a salad of potatoes, olives and eggs served in Huancaina sauce. This sauce is chock full of Amarillo chili pepper (yellow).
3) SIK SIK WAT (Ethiopia)
Chicken or beef stew literally covered with paprika, chili and fenugreek.
4) PHAAL CURRY (India)
The hottest curry in the world, containing more than ten different varieties of chili, including Bhut Jolokia.
5) SAMBAL OELEK (Indonesia)
Made from habanero chilies, cayenne peppers, Spanish chilies.
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