Pasta with potato cream and mussels

A quick pasta to make but of great effect. The potatoes are delicately combined with mussels to create an ideal first course for these holidays.

If instead of mussels you prefer another type of ingredient, you can replace them with bacon shrimps, with small pieces of smoked salmon, or for those who do not like fish, crispy bacon. Let your imagination run wild.

Put a pot of water on the fire. Do not salt the water before it starts boiling.
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Choose the type of pasta you like best.
Possibly short pasta like fusilli and penne. About 80gr of pasta per person.
Take the yellow potatoes.
Boil them with the peel in salted water. At the end of cooking, remove the peel and cut them into chunks.
Blend the potatoes.
To prevent them from becoming sticky, add a little pasta cooking water. Potatoes will become creamy.
Take 1 kg of mussels.
Cook them with garlic, oil and a good glass of white wine. At the end of cooking, remove the shells and set aside the mussels. Sauté the pasta with the mussels and add the potato cream.
Finish the recipe with parsley.
For a more complete taste, add chopped fresh parsley.
Serve hot.
Enjoy your meal!
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