The king of the holidays: smoked salmon

Every year at Christmas you can not miss smoked salmon on the tables.

Whether it is sliced, inside a sandwich, served in a roll of puff pastry, smoked salmon is a must of the Christmas atmosphere.

Let's see together how to propose this dish in different versions, to amaze guests and even ourselves.

Smoked salmon: alternative recipes
Let's see together some alternative recipes with smoked salmon.
Bruschetta with salmon and cream cheese
Take some bread, toast it on both sides. Spread some cream cheese and place the smoked salmon. Add a little chives or dill.
Boats of avocado, eggs and smoked salmon
Take 4 ripe avocados. In a bowl mix the avocado pulp, 1 boiled egg and mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Use the avocado peel as a dish, insert the avocado cream and place the smoked salmon on top.
Smoked salmon puffs
Take a dozen cream puffs. Cut in half, spread a soft cream flavored with grated lime peel and add the smoked salmon last.
Smoked salmon and asparagus rolls
Cook the asparagus tips in plenty of salted water, let them cool. Separately prepare a cream with sriracha, mayonnaise and red lumpfish eggs. Create small rolls with smoked salmon and season with the sauce.
Spinach omelette roll with smoked salmon
Prepare an omelette with 6/8 eggs, add the spinach previously cooked and finely chopped. Bake the omelette in a baking tray and bake for about 20 minutes at 180°. At the end of cooking let cool, spread with a cream cheese, put the smoked salmon in slices. Roll everything into plastic wrap and let it rest for at least an hour in the fridge before cutting and serving.
Smoked salmon salad
Prepare salmon slices. Take a mixed salad, possibly arugula and fresh spinach. Cut the cucumbers into slices and the fennel into slices. In a large bowl, put all the ingredients and add the black olives. Season with an emulsion of lemon oil and salt.
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