Peppers in the kitchen

Peppers are excellent vegetables that can be enjoyed both cooked and raw.

We can find different types and colors of them and all with different characteristics, from the sweetest to the spiciest, yellow, red, green and orange, long or round peppers. All can be consumed in a variety of ways according to one's taste.

In this gallery we give you some tips on how to consume them, with some ideas to make in the kitchen. Let's see how to prepare them to make your dishes special.

Let's look together at some recipes with peppers that are easy to bring to the table.
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers can be made in several ways: with ground meat, eggs and breadcrumbs in the meat version or with tuna potatoes and eggs in the vegan version, with chickpeas, potatoes and spinach. Cooked in the oven for at least 40 minutes, they are perfect as a main course.
For dressing pasta or rice salads.
Red and yellow peppers are recommended for this type of preparation (the green ones turn out a bit bitter). Diced, they are perfect for enriching your spring salads.
Bell pepper pesto
Bell pepper pesto is a delicate pesto that is easy to prepare and easily digestible. Depending on how you want the color of the pesto, choose the peppers and cook them in the oven, remove the skin and seeds and blend them with oil, parmesan and almonds. It is a perfect sauce both for pasta and to accompany meat and fish.
Oven, frying pan or raw: which to choose
Peppers are also notorious for being poorly digestible. Try yellow peppers to eat raw, or long, orange peppers with a sweet taste. Perfect in the oven, remove the skin and season them with an anchovy and a drizzle of 'oil. So many ways and a few more to enjoy them.
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