The 5 famous places to enjoy the best hot chocolate

When the colder seasons approach, nothing is better than a good hot chocolate to be enjoyed.

Hot chocolate is in fact able to give complete well-being: in addition to heating, thanks to its goodness it allows you to relax and fully enjoy something that gives great satisfaction. Making chocolate at home is very easy but enjoying it in the places where they make the best hot chocolate in the world is certainly a far superior experience.

In places where this drink is prepared to perfection, hot chocolate is an art, a long tradition that continues to be respected.

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The Old Chocolate House (Bruges)
The Old Chocolate House in Bruges is famous for its hot chocolate that includes milk, black, white and many others, also divided by geographical origins.
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Angelina (Paris)
Founded in 1903, the Angelina is one of the most renowned in Paris for hot chocolate. A famous hot chocolate from the secret recipe is also served.
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Caffé Rivoire (Florence)
The Caffé Rivoire is a real legend in Florence, also for its hot chocolate. The café was opened in 1872.
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City Bakery (New York)
City Bakery in New York is famously regarded as the Big Apple's hot chocolate empire. Since its opening in 1990, it has never changed its recipe.
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E.Wedel Hot Chocolate (Poland)
E.Wedel Hot Chocolate in Poland is the oldest brand of hot chocolate in the country.
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