Fried rice, one of the first dishes of Asian cuisine

Fried rice is a popular first course and is often ordered at Chinese restaurants. It is a very simple dish, the ingredients are easy to find, and many times we have them in our refrigerators at home, such as eggs and ham.

But as is often the case, when we try to cook at home something we have eaten at the restaurant, we cannot replicate the same tastes.

So a simple rice, turns out to be really difficult to prepare.

In this gallery, you will find the little secrets to making fried rice at home like the restaurant's.

Fried rice
Let's prepare together fried rice, one of the world's best-known Asian cuisine dishes.
White rice
Cook the white rice in plenty of salted water and drain it. Leave it aside; if you prepare it the night before it will taste even better.
Which pot to use
Take a pot, preferably a wok and add a generous amount of seed oil.
Take two eggs
Break them into oil and scramble the eggs.
Add the peas
Mix the peas together with the eggs.
The secret
Deglaze with half a glass of white wine.
The variation: cooked ham
You can complete your rice any way you like, adding diced cooked ham, flavoring the rice with curry.
The variation: shrimps
Or by adding previously steamed shrimp.
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