7 fun facts about food you'll find hard to believe

7 fun facts about food that you'll find hard to believe.

Food is certainly something that unites people all over the world: whatever culture you belong to, you will certainly know some curiosities that are unknown to the rest of the world. Today we have collected a series of very funny curiosities that you may not know yet.

For example: do you know how and why the sandwich is born? Spoiler: it could center laziness, or concentration... Or. Do you know what is the most stolen food in the world? Or again: do you know that some foods if thrown into nature can be dangerous? To answer these and other questions, browse the photo gallery!

Peanut butter is forever!
Research conducted by Prof. Prof Malcolm McMahon of the University of Edinburgh has shown that peanut butter can become a diamond. The scientist stated that "pressure can cause extraordinary changes in all types of material and can also give shape to other completely different materials. In this case, a carbon-containing substance such as peanut butter, subjected to high pressures, can shape diamonds."
How is tasty this ... berry?
Well, yes. Bananas are classified as berries, while strawberries are not. Not to be believed!
These pistachios are on fire!
Pistachios thrown into nature can cause fires. The oil they contain exposes them to self-combustion, in the presence of favorable factors such as heat and wind.
A cake with.. surprise!
In sixteenth-century England there was a very particular custom. In fact, it happened in bourgeois dinners that the "Surprised Pie" was served: when the cake was cut, an animal jumped out of the center. alive! Crazy!
Beware of cheese! It could disappear!
Cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world. but it is also the most stolen! Hide it well!
Excuse me, did you drink? Only a non-alcoholic
In Russia, until 2011, beer and all beverages that did not exceed 10% alcohol content were considered soft drinks!
Um, I'm getting hungry!
Do you know the origin of the sandwich? They seem to have been invented by the Count of Sandwich, an inveterate gambler who did not want to leave the gaming table to eat.
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