Five simple recipes most difficult to cook

In the kitchen everyone has his or her weakness, that recipe that is almost impossible to make, even though it seems so silly on the surface. We describe five recipes that seem the simplest, but in fact are also the most difficult to cook. Let's see what they are.

In fifth place we find the tart. There it is, warm, smiling, perfect in its buttery forms. The infamous tart, someone has to say, is a hard case.

The roast is difficult because of its ideal temperatures. It must vary from very high to very low heat, an up and down that can throw off the balance of the recipe.

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In fifth place we find the tart. It looks simple but hides many pitfalls. The dosage of ingredients, which as in every pastry recipe is capillary mathematical, penalizes the improvised attempts of naive cooks who seek their variation in a recipe that, instead, gives no room for creativity. Fit to be cooked by dutiful and strict minds.
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The roast, has a difficulty all related to temperatures. First, it needs to be cooked over very high heat, then very low.
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Pasta and beans
Third place for pasta and beans, a poor and simple dish that is deceiving. It needs specific cooking and the flavors make all the difference.
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One of the most debated dishes in the history of cooking. There are those who use pancetta and those who use guanciale, and the cooking of the egg can change the outcome of the dish in a matter of moments.
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Poached egg
At the top of the list of seemingly easy but actually very complicated recipes is the poached egg. A matter of touch, of lightness of wrist, of hundredths of a second, this dish is the mastery of few.
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